8th Mobile Lab 5/28/13 – Exponents

Today, you will be reviewing exponents.

  1. Log into IXL using your username & password here.
  2. Practice the following topics:
    1. Power Rule
    2. Understanding Negative Exponents
    3. Multiplication with Exponents
    4. Division with Exponents
    5. Exponents with Negative Bases
    6. Challenge: Multiplication and Division with Exponents

8th Mobile Lab 5/1/13 – Probability Review

  1. Log into IXL using your username & passwords here.
  2. Practice the following topics:
    1. Probability of Independent & Dependent Events
    2. Experimental Probability
    3. Permutations
    4. Combinations
    5. Summary of Permutations & Combinations

8th MP Mobile Lab 3/13/13 – Conversions

The Grade 8 Formula Sheet for the Math PSSAs has a lot of useful information.

You may also review customary & metric conversions on IXL (passwords here):

Hint: To convert from a bigger unit to a smaller unit, multiply.  To convert from a smaller unit to a bigger unit, divide.

  1. Estimate Customary Measurements
  2. Estimate Metric Measurements
  3. Customary unit conversions
  4. Metric unit conversions
  5. Temperature conversions

8th MP Mobile Lab 2/11/13 – 3D Geometry

Review 3D shapes using this website. Make sure you go through each tab:

  • About Tab – Click on each shape.
  • Quiz – Name the 3D shape.
  • Edge / Vertices / Faces – Review these terms here.
  • Views – Examine each view.
  • Drawing – Try drawing a 3D figure using the tips.
  • Nets – Identify each net.
You may also explore surface area and volume of 3D shapes on this website.  Make sure you go through each tab.
If you are completed early, you may also practice on IXL (passwords here).  Review: