6th & 7th MP – 6/18/13

You can play math and science games on the following websites today:


6th MP – 6/11/13 Decimals

Today, we will be reviewing decimals.

Lesson Interactive Lesson IXL Practice (Login & PW here) Games
Decimal Place Value  Cool Math
IXL Pirates
Ordering Decimals  Study Jams!  IXL Builder Ted or Flower Power
Adding Decimals  Cool Math  Study Jams!  IXL  Soccer Math
or Decimalfornia
Subtracting Decimals  Cool Math  Study Jams!  IXL  Soccer Math or Basketball
Multiplying Decimals   Cool Math  Study Jams!  IXL  Decimal Speedway or Power Football
Dividing Decimals  Cool Math – Whole Number or Decimal  Study Jams!  IXL 1 & 2  Power Football

Other content you can review include:

6th Mobile Lab 5/14/13 – Review Operations with Integers

Review of Integers on IXL:

  1. Absolute Value and Opposite Integers
  2. Compare and Order Integers

Review of Integer Operations on IXL:

  1. Addition & Subtraction Rules
  2. Subtract Integers
  3. Multiplication & Division Rules
  4. All Operations

Fun & Games

  1. Fruit Shoot Game
  2. Solve the integer applications here. Try Danger for Deep Sea Carl, Mr. Slick, Mail Room Mania, Quest for a Cubicle, Math Creepies, and Cookieman.

6th Mobile Lab 5/1/13 – Adding Integers

Today we will practice adding integers using integer chips.

  1. Practice identify integers on a Mat Board.
  2. Practice Adding Integers using a Mat Board (Be sure to change the “Select Activity”).
    1. You may also watch these review videos on adding integers using a number line, and adding integers using integer chips.
  3. Extra: Practice Subtracting Integers with guided instructions.